About us

Wydawnictwo & Drukarnia Logos Press was created in 1990, though our beginnings date back to the year 1983, when we started organizing a church printing shop at the Elim Church in Cieszyn. As time went by, the shop was developing though it wasn’t an easy time for the printing industry. Everything was under a very strict censorship.

As time passed by, changes came.

Since 1990 we have been an independent, Christian publisher and printing office.

Why Christian? Our main goal is printing Christian literature. We treat it kind of as a ministry but we also publish and print commercial merchandise – business cards, calendars, flyers, folders, brochures, books etc… See Our Products for more details.

During the years since 1990 we have had the opportunity to appear on British, German, American, Canadian, Dutch, Austrian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Russian markets.